Sunday 6 February 2011

Screencast capture on OSX using VLC

A nice post on howto use VLC to cpature the screen on OSX. I assume this will work on linux too.

Just in case it disapears, the import bit is:

  • Open VLC as you would do normally
  • Window -> Errors and Warnings (this will warn you if encoding failed)
  • File -> Open Capture Device -> Screen
  • Try to limit the area You are recording by specifying Subscreen parameters – I didn’t have any luck with recording full screen
  • Tick: “Streaming/Saving”
  • Click on “Settings…”
  • Select “File”, click on Browse, select dir where you want to save the file and give it some name
  • Encapsulation Method: MPEG 4
  • Transcoding options: tick “Video” and select mp4, Bitrate 512
  • Untick “Audio” (just to test if it works without it)
  • Click “OK”
  • we are back to previous screen, click “Open”


Pablo T said...

This step-by-step instruction worked.
Thank you! I was able to set up a screen for my wife's computer. Now it's time to do open mpg file I'll
have to deal in the near future. The global project implies several file extensions, I'm sure I'll really need a universal viewer files, so as not
to get confused in the extensions.

Kelly Petersen said...

Well, well...