Sunday 16 August 2009

EWTD 48 hour opt out survey

We have been running a short EWTD survey on the Surgeons Net site about the 48 hour EWTD week and opting out. If you haven't completed the survey then please contribute. But do note that ASiT and BOTA are going to be conducting a more detailed, longer survey in September.

If you are interested in the results then they are available live on line too.

1 comment:

Mike Henley said...

Pretty much as you would have expected. I continue to try to convince the BMA but to little avail!

As I suspected most believe it is needed for training and plenty realise that it'll happen anyway. In many ways we're simply heading back to the 70's.

A further point is that if juniors don't take calls in the night then consultants will. Would you rather be woken during the 12 years you're a trainee or the 35 years you're a consultant.

Every way you look at it, it's about investing in your future.