Monday 4 February 2008

Three cheers for vodafone, 3G on linux

I have to say three cheers to vodafone. I have previously posted about not being able to use my 3G USB modem with Ubuntu. Well vodafone do offer a GUI that works under linux for connecting using their 3G USB modem.

The file can be downloaded from vodafone's open source development site
Choose the .deb package for Ubuntu and it works like a dream!! The USB modem is automatically detected and all that is needed is the connection settings for the UK. So enter username=web, password=web and apn=internet

Well done to vodafone.


Nicholas Herriot said...

Nice comments for the Connect Drivers. Thanks!

You may be interested to know we have a slightly improved page explaining all about the Linux drivers and how to get them working at:

We have also got a very active forum on this subject for users at:

Kind regards, Nicholas Herriot from Betavine.

chris said...

cant get to the site u quoted.. gets 404 error.. please check site address, thank you .

CuteRimi said...
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Neville Dastur said...

CuteRemi Said:

Hi, I asked Vodafone to lower my price plan as I couldn't afford to pay the full amount. They all just said there is nothing they could do and told me to wait it out. I now have 5 months left on my price plan. I went to Vodafone and asked to cancel and again they said there is nothing they could do. I asked to lower my price plan and still no help at all. Lowering your price plan after 12 months is a service every other phone provider offers! So there is nothing I can do but wanted to tell everyone how useless they are and not to use them. I will wait it out till the en of my contract but will never ever use them or recommend to anyone. Rant over!

CuteRimi - Your vodafone comment is of interest, but not the link, hence removed.

I too have found Vodafone more and more useless. Actually you have a contract and in these hard times it is much less likely that any company is going to bend their rules. However, the signal quality is now rubbish (and I do live in city, no out in the sticks) and data speed terrible or sometimes just won't connect until off peak times. So I'm afraid it is now three boos to Vodafone

Unknown said...

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